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Get all presets released this summer. These new styles are not going away anytime soon. Bundle them up & Save!

With new styles to check out and the looks that are sure to update your feed. You can not go wrong getting these new Presets.

Presets Packs Included:

Polaroid Presets - Showcase your favorite moments with nostalgia. The Polaroid Preset Pack will turn all your photos into pefect Instagram Posts. Have a blog? These presets will give you the edge you need to showcase your work.

The Adventurer - Bring the darker tones of nature to life with this perfect outdoorsy filter. Perfect for water and woods, this preset brings out more defined details than ever before. 

IG Daily - The Perfect Filter for everyday Instagram Pictures. This filter does not distor color much, it more works to enhance a pictures colors and provide that much needed little boost to turn a regular picture into an insta worthy picture.

Phone Eats First - Bring out the favor in your favorite food pictures. We all know Phones Eat first, do your food pictures a favor by using this juicy Lightroom Presets.

VSCO Style - Everyone loves VSCO and the style it produces, that's why our professional editors created these VSCO style presets. Get the looks you love in 1 click using these VSCO inspired Lightroom Presets

Health Blogger - With Vibrant yet pleasant texture. The Health Blogger Presets are perfect to show off the natural beauty in any picture. Made for health and fitness instagrams and blogs, these are perfect for any post.

Boho Soul - With a naturally warm look these Boho Soul Presets will bring out a magical within your photos. Beautiful Skin and perfect contrast makes Boho Soul a must have preset for anyone on Instagram.

Melanin Queen - "Brown skin girl
Your skin just like pearls
The best thing in the world
Never trade you for anybody else"

Minimalist - Warm tones with pops of color. This perfect preset can work miracles on your pictures. It's the perfect blend of minimalism mixed with a splash of color. Try it for yourself and see!

Insta Summa - Perfect skin and vibrant colors. This filter is worth a million dollars if you look at who uses it. Step your summer pictures up and watch your pictures turn into masterpieces.

4th of July - Celebrate your pictures with the Perfect 4th of July Presets. Bring out blue and red and experience some true picture popping colors with more defined details. 

Men's Lifestyle - Give your photos the perfect masculine look. Show off the grit of a photo. Watch your Instagram likes go through the roof. You'll be happy when you see the results.

Light & Clean Wedding - The wedding pictures you have always dreamed of are here. The perfect mix of light colors with a crisp texture to make your pictures glow like the day they were taken.

Weddings in the DEEP - Enhanced Bright Colors and Deep Tones create photos you'll never forget. Capture your special day and create photos worth selling. 

Royal Wedding - Capture your special day with the perfect preset pack to bring out the colors that matter most. Perfect contrast and crisp colors create the Classy style everyone wants.

Boho Wedding - Capture and share the memories from your dream day with the abolsute best Boho Style Wedding Presets. Don't rely on others to make your dream pictures come to life, use Boho Lightroom Presets and you'll get the results you want in 1 click!

Noire - Bring a new meaning to black and white photography. Noire brings Black and White Photos to life with real texture and feelings. You'll never use a regular black and white filter again.

Cars - Dark. Refined. Masculine. Focusing on and fearless highlights. The Cars Presets Bring an intense look to your photos in seconds!

White Mood - Bright colors & perfect skin, With a modern minimalist look. Gives your photos a bright yet flowy look. White Mood makes it easy to create the perfect feed.

Miami - Sunkissed skin and beautiful water. Miami Presets are perfect for any summer time pictures. Bringing out natural skin colors while creating a feed that pops! Perfect for Portraits, Bloggers, Influencers, Travel, and of course Outdoor Pictures.

Make Up - Highlight your make up with perfect lighting using our Make Up designed Presets. Specifically designed to showcase beautiful make up, these 5 presets are made to bring out your skin with natural tones. The perfect preset for portraits and selfies. 

Baby - Effortlessly edit your most precious baby pictures. These presets are made to dim any red spots while bringing out the softness in your baby's skin. Capture the moments that mean the most with these beautiful portrait presets specifically made for babies.

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