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OFF THE GRID - The very best presets for outdoorsy photos. They’ll look amazing with landscapes and nature!

LIGHT & CLEAN - Make your photos look clean & light, with a high contrast in one magical click. These are one of those presets that make nearly any photo look professional.

MAKE UP - Specifically designed to showcase beautiful make up, these 5 presets are made to bring out your skin with natural tones. The perfect preset for portraits and selfies. 

FITNESS GOALS - Brings out clarity and contrast while focusing on skin tones. The overall muted and contrast heavy look blocks out distractions to provide a serious tone.

MIAMI - Sunkissed skin and beautiful water. Miami Presets are perfect for any summer time pictures. Bringing out natural skin colors while creating a feed that pops! Perfect for Portraits, Bloggers, Influencers, Travel, and of course Outdoor Pictures.

GOLDEN HOUR - It's no secret why most pictures are taken during #GoldenHour. The best presets for sunsets and sunrises. Make your images pop with the #GoldenHour Lightroom preset Pack. These presets bring out a strong and saturated look with an extra punch.

HAPPI - Create thumb stopping images with light and clean feels that are perfect for your social feed or blog posts. This preset brightens the overall feel of your image without losing contrast or overexposing.

VSCO - Everyone loves VSCO and the style it produces, that's why our professional editors created these VSCO style presets. Get the looks you love in 1 click using these VSCO inspired Lightroom Presets

LIFESTYLE BLOGGER - For a soft and peachy vibe use #lifestyleblogger. The preset works great across all types of images for a cohesive lifestyle aesthetic.

COZY BROWN - The perfect presets to stray away from the bold vivid colors that fills our Instagram's today. The Pack was made to show subtle uniqueness and a distinguished style.

FASHIONISTA - Elevate your modeling and fashion posts to make them look as if they were pulled right out of a magazine. A moody vibe gives you an overall serious and edgy tone.

SUGAR- Bring your photo to life and the wonderful world of color with #Bloom This Lightroom preset gives your images an overall technicolor feel while protecting skin tones.

ISLAND - Clear teal waters and poppy orange hues, this Lightroom preset is perfect for your dream vacation or tropical getaways.

WHITE MOOD - Bright colors & perfect skin, With a modern minimalist look. Gives your photos a bright yet flowy look. White Mood makes it easy to create the perfect feed.

BABY - These presets are made to dim any red spots while bringing out the softness in your baby's skin. Capture the moments that mean the most with these beautiful portrait presets specifically made for babies.

PETS - Most people have more pictures of their pets than of themselves. This Preset pack lets you turn those pictures into thumb stopping art.

NUDIE - Soft and creamy, #nudie is great for portraits, interior design, and overall nude tones. It works amazingly on skin, so it's a definite go-to for any model.

CALI - The absolute best preset for any Cali style photo. The Cali Lightroom preset captures the late summer #SoCal vibe. Show off your late-August deep tan while still making the colors pop.

INFLUENCER - Probably the most trendy look currently on Instagram. This Lightroom preset pack brings out deep greens and urban textures while creating a serious fashion aesthetic. Making your Instagram look like the pros.

ALMOND - Cool off with the #Almond Lightroom preset. It kicks up with blues and greens for a moodier vibe while still preserving skin tones.

PHONE EATS FIRST - Bring out the favor in your favorite food pictures. We all know Phones Eat first, do your food pictures a favor by using this juicy Lightroom Presets.

VINTAGE - With a touch of nostalgia and a warm brown color palette this Lightroom preset gives your images a #Vintage feel.

WHEAT - Peachy skin tones and deeper blues make this is a great preset to play around with. It gives your photos their own unique feel while still keeping it light and playful.

SUMMER - A classic gold / teal push that will make your skin glow and blues pop. This color combo has been used for ages to create a warm and cinematic feel.

PARADISE - These presets will create Light and dreamy tones from #paradise, great for elevating those photos from the adventure you will always want to go back to.

1985 - Warm tones with pops of color. This cinematic Lightroom preset applies a #1985 retro feel without dulling the details or muddying the colors.

MOODY GLOW - Bring out the #mood of your more philosophical posts. Cut through the Instagram fluff and give your photos their moment.

MUTED TONES- Bring out the dreamy old school vibes with this warm and cozy Lightroom preset. It's great for those moments with loved ones you will cherish forever.


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