The Easy Lightroom Preset Installation Guide - Hashtag Presets

This simple guide will show you how to install presets in Adobe Lightroom quickly and easily.

Lightroom presets are small files, which contain predetermined editing adjustments for you to apply to your images in one click.

A preset could turn your image black and white, or a give it a deep matte tone.

The availability of presets, and the ease in which they can be installed means the possibilities of what you can achieve with your editing is almost endless - and all from a tiny .xmp file.

How to Install Presets in Adobe Lightroom

From any module in Adobe Lightroom, click on Edit>Preferences (on mac Lightroom>Preferences) to open up the Preferences window.

Lightroom Presets

Click on the box labelled ‘Show Lightroom Develop Presets’.

From the Explorer or Finder window that appears, navigate to the folder called ‘User Presets’.

Next, open a new Explorer or Finder window and locate the folder on your computer that contains your new presets. Open the folder, and drag and drop the new .xmp files over to the ‘User Presets’ folder.

Once copied, exit Lightroom.

Start Lightroom again, select an image from the Library Module and hit ‘D’ to enter the Develop Module.

In the left hand panel, your newly imported presets can now be found under the ‘User Presets’ tab. 

Uploading Lightroom Presets

Using the method above, ensures you have an overview of what your presets folder looks like, and where and how your new presets are saved.

A faster workaround is available however. Next to the Presets tab in the left panel is a + sign. Click this and you can import or manage your presets from here.