How to Manage Presets in Adobe Lightroom CC & Classic.

Of the many tools available in Adobe Lightroom, none speed up your editing process like Presets. In this article, we’ll show you how to find and manage your Lightroom Presets folder.

What is a Lightroom Preset?

A Preset in Adobe Lightroom, is a small file which contains pre-determined adjustments for your photos. Instead of making your editing adjustments individually, you can use a preset to change your image in just one click.

Photographers use presets to transform their images. Making them look like they were shot on film, or changing them to black and white, or maybe a matte look. The possibilities with presets are almost endless. You can even save and create your own presets to use on later edits.

Where are the Presets Located in Lightroom?

Enter the Develop module (Keyboard shortcut ‘D’), and you’ll see your Presets located in the left Panel.

Click the Presets tab to open the list of available Presets.

Adding Lightroom Presets

Hover your mouse pointed over a preset - you’ll see your image with the preset changes previewed. To select the preset, simply click.

How to Add Presets

You can add your own presets in Adobe Lightroom. If you have purchased and downloaded presets online, then you need to locate the folder, and unzip it’s contents.

You can move the unzipped folder containing the .xmp preset files to any location on your computer: they don’t have to be directly stored within the Lightroom system folder.

From the Develop module, click the + sign on the Presets tab located in the left panel.

Lightroom Presets

From the dropdown menu you can Create, Import or Manage your preset collection.

When selecting Import, you’ll be able to then navigate to the folder containing your downloaded .xmp files.

After importing presets, it’s always a good idea to quit and re-open Lightroom, so that the new presets can be stored to Lightrooms library cache.

Once re-opened, your new presets will be lister und ‘User Presets’ in the left panel of the Develop module.

Selecting ‘Manage Presets’ will open up the preset folder within the Adobe system folder. Here you can move delete and add preset .xmp files.

Adding Presets in Adobe Lightroom CC

If you’re using the cloud version of Adobe Lightroom CC, then you’ll be pleased to hear that you can also import present. And what’s more, the presets you import will also be available to you when using Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile.

Lightroom CC Presets

To Import presets in Lightroom CC; enter the Develop module, and at the bottom of the right adjustments panel you will find a button labelled ‘Presets’. Clicking this button will open up the presets panel. Simply click the three-points menu button, and select import presets.

Managing presets in Lightroom CC is the same as in Lightroom CC Classic. You can add, move or delete preset .xmp files as desired.