How To Edit Photos Faster with Batch Editing in Lightroom - Hashtag Presets

Here’s the scenario: you’ve been in one location, shooting multiple images of a similar subject. This could be a portrait of a friend, or a product, or maybe a wedding ceremony.

In this article, you’ll learn how to apply your edits from one image across multiple images using Batch Editing; speeding up your post-production time, and helping you to work more efficiently.

 One of the biggest advantages of editing your photos in Adobe Lightroom is the amount of neat tools it provides to help you speed up your workflow. And one of the most time-saving tools at your disposal is ‘Batch Editing’.

What is Batch Editing?

Batch editing is the method used to copy the adjustments and settings from one photo across many. If you have a collection of photos that were shot under similar conditions, then this tool is an incredible time-saver!

 How to Apply Your Edits and Adjustments Across Multiple Photos

Once you have edited and made adjustments to an image in the Develop module, return to the Library view (Shortcut ‘G’).

Batch Editting

Click on the image you just edited to highlight it, then using CTRL + Click (Command + Click on a mac), select the other images you want to copy the adjustments to.


As you can see in the screenshot above, the selected image is our edited image - circled is the +/- icon, which confirms this image has had adjustments made to it.

Once you have selected the images that you want to copy your adjustments to, the ‘Sync Settings’ button at the bottom right corner of the Lightroom interface becomes active.

Lightroom Batch Editting

Click the ‘Sync Settings’ button, and the ’Synchronize Settings’ dialogue box appears.

Lightroom Photo Editting

As you can see, all options are automatically selected. In most cases this is correct and you can hit ‘Synchronize’.

A quick word of warning: if you proceed with all the options selected, and you have made brush adjustments such as Spot Removal, or have applied a particular crop or aspect ratio to your first image, then these will also be copied to the other photos. If you don’t want this to happen, then deselect these options before hitting Synchronize.

Once you have selected the required settings to copy, click Synchonize, and your adjustments will be copied across all the images you selected.

Batch Editting in Lightroom

As you can see in the screenshot above, all images in the selection now carry the +/- icon, and have been adjusted to the same settings as the first image. You can now continue to go through the images and make any minor adjustments needed.

Is There a Way to Copy Adjustments to Individual Images in Lightroom?

Yes! Select the image you want to copy the adjustments from, and enter use keyboard shortcut CTRL+Shift+C (Command+Shift+C on a mac). This will open up the ‘Copy Settings’ dialogue box.

The Copy Settings box is identical to the Synchronize Settings box we’ve just worked with.

Deselect the settings you do not want to copy, and click copy (or press enter).

Next, using CTRL+Click (Command+Click on a mac), select the images from the Library Module that you want to copy the adjustments to, and enter the shortcut CTRL+Shift+V (Command+Shift+V for mac).

Lightroom Classic Batch Editting

As you can see, the three images i selected before pasting my settings have been adjusted.

Finally, the copy and paste settings menu can be accessed by right-clicking the images, or by clicking Photo>Develop Settings.

Lightroom Batch Editting