The Ultimate Guide To The Best Vsco Lightroom Presets

Today we are answering the question “What are the best lightroom presets for VSCO?”. While many of VSCO’s users love the apps ability to edit their photos, we want to know – is VSCO really the best app to edit your photos?

We’d argue that there’s actually a different app that can do a better job in less time. And that’s Adobe Lightroom. Adobe offers lightroom as a free mobile app to anyone looking for help creating professional quality photos in no time. Let’s take a look at how Lightroom works and how you can use it to create beautiful VSCO photos.

What is VSCO?

VSCO is a photography app that lets you capture, edit and share photos. Think of it as instagram meets a blog. Where a blog you share all of your thoughts and instagram you share your best photos, VSCO you’ll typically go and share well edited photos on a daily or weekly basis. Most people we know use VSCO as their go to source of editing and inspiration.

What is Lightroom?

Lightroom is the number one tool photographers use to create beautiful and professional quality photos in no time. People have begun to move away from VSCO editing to Lightroom because of their free mobile app and control over how much you can edit photos quickly.

How do you edit VSCO photos?

Editing photos in VSCO is better than Instagram because of how much control you have over the photo settings. VSCO offers two editing options, ranging from their one-tap editing process, or you can manually edit the photo to change the mood and tone of the photo.

Best VSCO editing app?

Our team's pick is Adobe Lightroom! Unlike VSCO where you will spend hours tweaking brightness and contrast on your photos, Lightroom has presets that let you apply filters in seconds. And best of all, these presets are designed by professional photographers so you know that they will keep your photos high quality.

What are the best VSCO Lightroom Presets?

There are a handful of Lightroom presets you can use to create the perfect feed of photos. Here are our favorite 3 we’ve used.

VSCO Lightroom Presets

#1 VSCO Presets

These are the presets we find the top VSCO accounts using all of the time. They use them for a reason too! Hashtag’s VSCO Preset pack is one of the best and fastest edits for VSCO users looking for a stunning and reliable photo edit.

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Influencer Presets For Lightroom

#2 Influencer Presets

If you’re looking for a cool black and white style preset pack, this is perfect for you. The influencer preset pack will bring out the best dark blues and greens in your photos and are perfect for an urban landscape.

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#3 Makeup Presets

Looking to show off your eye shadow pallet? These makeup presets are designed to capture any skin color and the blush or cosmetics applied to them. Bring out the rosey reds and soft skin tones in any shot.

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Want all the presets?

Hashtag Presets offers all of the presets you see above and more for a super affordable price point in their 90+ preset bundle.