The Best Portrait Presets To Edit Your Photos

Our Teams Favorite Portrait Presets

Did you just finish your family portraits? Or maybe you and your significant other went for a quick photoshoot. Whatever the occasion is, we all have photos of ourselves that we’d love to have professionally edited and framed in our living rooms.

Well, today our team has purchased and reviewed our five favorite Lightroom Presets For Portraits.

Why Edit With Lightroom Presets?

Have you ever seen those incredible wedding photos from that friend of yours? The ones where everyone has beautiful skin and is practically glowing? Those photos were edited in a tool called Lightroom. And what these photographers do to edit 300+ photos is use a Lightroom Preset to ensure that the lighting, vibrance and coloring is beautiful and consistent across all of their photos.

How To Edit Portraits Like Professionals

You can easily recreate the same professional quality portraits just like the professionals by using Lightroom presets. These allow you to edit your portraits beautifully and without needing to have the same editing knowledge that professionals have.

Are Presets Just For Professional Photographers?

Absolutely not! This is just the most common users of these presets. If anything, presets are best for beginners looking for beautiful portrait quality so they don’t have to worry about adjusting the 50+ settings across Lightroom.

Which are our favorite?

Smiling Portrait Presets

Happy Presets

If you are a big smiler and grinning ear to ear, these are the presets for you. 

Happy Presets


Baby Portrait Presets

Baby Portrait Presets

If you have a newborn in the world, look no further. These presets are made to dim any red spots while bringing out the softness and suppleness in your baby's skin

Baby Presets


Fashion Portrait Presets

Fashion Portrait Presets

Discover this moody style for the nice dressers out there. If you went for a photo shoot recently in your nicest clothes, check out these timeless presets

Fashion Presets

Nude Portrait Presets

Nudie Presets

These Creamy presets are like applying a glowing look all across your body. It’s like moisturizing your photos!

Nude Presets


Portrait Presets

Almond Presets

Perfect for portraits with individuals with darker skin who want to accentuate their skin, along with any blues and greens in the background.

Almond Presets


Mobile + Desktop Presets

Whichever you decide, make sure you know that you’re able to use these presets on mobile and desktop. All of the presets that we included here today are for mobile and desktop so you’re in luck! Additionally, if you want to save money, time and still have professional photos – you can grab every preset we listed today in one discounted bundle here.