Lightroom Pro Tip: Quickly Toggle the Before/After View - Hashtag Presets

In this Lightroom Pro Tip, we’ll be showing you how to quickly toggle between the before and after view of your edited image.

An often unknown shortcut?

Many Adobe Lightroom users are familiar with the wide range of keyboard shortcuts on offer to help speed up your editing workflow. But for many Lightroom users, whether hobby or pro, the before/after shortcut seems to have gone unnoticed.

Why not ‘Y’?

In the develop module, Adobe have already helped us to find a way of showing our before and after view side-by-side.

How to compare before and after in Lightroom

In the image above, you will see in the bottom left corner of the develop module, a side-by-side icon. Clicking this will show you your before and after images next to each other.

Before After Lightroom

Conveniently, Adobe have also labeled the side-by-side button with a ‘Y’ - it’s keyboard shortcut.

While this view is useful, when working with an image, especially if it’s in landscape orientation, having two images side-by-side takes up too much on-screen real estate for many users’ liking.

To see your ‘before’ image alone in all it’s un-edited glory, simply tap backslash (\). To revert back to your edited image, hit backslash again.

Before and After Lightroom