How to Install Lightroom Presets Mobile and Desktop - Hashtag Presets Step by Step Guide
Installing Lightroom Presets on mobile and desktop has never been easier. This quick tutorial will walk you through the basics. This method works for professional presets from Hashtag Presets as well as any presets you may have.
When you purchase the presets from Hashtag Presets you will receive a link to the download page.
Android Instructions Click here. They are also provided at the Bottom of this Guide!
You will then get the Lightroom Presets Free Download Zip. Download the zip file to your computer, and or mobile device, android and ios both work great.
Unzip the file and you will see the many preset files. Labelled accordingly.
how to install lightroom presets desktop
Now Open Lightroom and click the 'Presets' button on the bottom right. how to install lightroom presets on desktop and mobile
Now, click the 3 dots next to where it says 'Presets' how to install lightroom presets
Click 'Import Presets' and go and grab them form the file you unzipped before. Make sure you click on the one's marked 'DESKTOP'
Click on them, and boom. You are all done. Now you can use Pretty Presets on all your photos.
Again Unzip the folder from the downloads. Once the folder is Unzipped click on 'Presets' And pick which preset you want to open first.
how to open lightroom presets on mobile
open presets on iphone
Click on which preset you want to open and click 'Mobile'opening lightroom presets on mobile
Click on the Filter and you will see the screen shown below. Where you see the apps, scross to the right until you find 'More'
Opening a picture on lightroom mobile iphone
Click on the 'More' Box
How to open lightroom mobile on iphone
Scroll down until you see the 'Lightroom App'
opening the lightroom app on mobile
Click on 'Lightroom' and then click 'Launch Lightroom Now'
How to Open Pictures in Lightroom
After Clicking Launch Lightroom Now you will be greeted with an image similar to the one below.
How to save a Preset on lightroom mobile for iphone and android
Click on the Circle with the three dots in the top right corner.
And then scroll down to 'Create Preset'
saving a lightroom preset on an iphone
Add a name to the preset and Click on all the boxes that do not have Blue Check Marks on them. This will make sure you save all aspects of the Preset.
naming a preset on lightroom mobile
Make sure you check all Boxes to save all the aspects of the Preset.
saving a lightroom preset on android
After you name it, hit save. Congratulations you just saved your first preset on Mobile.
To add more presets just repeat this step for every preset.
One thing to Note is if you have Lightroom on Desktop, it is much faster to add all the presets on there. If you have the same acocunt for Lightroom Desktop and Lightroom Mobile they will automatically sync to your mobile lightroom 
This will save you a lot of time as you can upload nearly all the presets at once on  Desktop.
If you still have questions try watching one of our Video tutorials for a more hands on walk through!
How to Install Lightroom Presets on mobile.
How to Install Lightroom Presets on Desktop
If you are on Android please follow this guide
Please note:
-DNG files are for Lightroom MOBILE
-XML files are for Lightroom DESKTOP
-ZIP files are for Lightroom DESKTOP
-Please download the files on the device you’ll be using them on.

On iOS or Android, you need Adobe Lightroom installed from your App Store or Play Store. It's free to install. On desktop, you need Adobe Lightroom purchased directly from Adobe.

Mobile installation is a bit more complicated due to Adobe not allowing direct import of Presets, this is why you need to import DNG files and then copy the preset that’s applied to the DNG file. The way to circumvent this is to install the presets on Adobe Lightroom Desktop and have then SYNC automatically. This only applies if you have an Adobe Creative Cloud account.
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