How to Edit a picture in Lightroom using Presets

It’s no secret that editing your photos is a critical step if you want to create visually striking content. Whether you are a professional photographer, an influencer, a blog creator or simply someone looking to make their feed look top notch. The key to having a feed that will grab the attention of others, is to have pictures that people stop and stare at. High quality editing is how you can achieve this. 

It’s also no secret that there are endless options when it comes to how to edit your photos, where to start and when to stop editing. The good news is that you don’t have to be a professional photographer, content editor, or even spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get that wow look.

Keep reading to learn some tips and tricks to learn how to make your pictures like a professional without spending hours editing or spending money you don’t need to.


You can edit any picture you want, but of course the first key to amazing content is taking a good picture. If you can get a picture in strong lighting and clean lines editing your photo will be 10x more effective. To start, when you are looking for a place to take pictures look for places inside and out that have good clean lighting. Then find an object with a strong shape and some clean lines. The cleaner the picture, the better effect editing will have.

The better your photos are the more filters and presets you will be able to add. This may sound counterintuitive, but trust the process, the key to a jaw dropping photo is being able to apply multiple presets that will be able to highlight different areas of each photo. This also lets you make pictures that normally would not match one another, match! 

When looking for a place with good lighting, the key is to find a place that is consistently well lit. Even if the lighting is not very bright, if all the lighting is consistent, you will be able to brighten your image easily and bring out the necessary colors for each picture. This is very important if you are using indoor lighting. For indoor lighting we recommend using a white light that will be able to illuminate the entire scene you are shooting. If you are looking to shoot outside, we highly recommend a spot with good natural light, and also to try and shoot with your back to the sun, as this will create the best lighting for your picture.


The 60-30-10 Rule was made by editors and is followed by professional photographers everywhere. The key to this rule is that 60% of the items in your photo are a dominant color, 30% of the items in your photo are a secondary color or maybe even a texture, and then 10% of the items are there for an accent to the rest of the photo.

This is a great technique to follow as it will make editing your photos much quicker as well as more effective. Keep this rule in mind when you are setting up a space for a photoshoot. If you are picking out an outfit this is another time to follow the rule, as too much chaos in a photo is hard to work with.

Talking about outfits, this is a good rule of thumb if you are simply picking out an outfit to wear out. As the human eyes are taught to like looks that follow this rule. 


Now you know the importance of your photos when you want to edit them, now we are going to get into why using Presets is a must for anyone that wants to edit photos on a consistent basis. No matter how much planning you do for any photoshoot, you will still need to edit your pictures to make sure you are able to give them that extra visual pop. Presets are the only way to get your photos to consistently look professional yet still unique. The amazing thing about Presets is you are able to get a perfect look in seconds, and then if you want to slightly change any aspect you can without ruining the rest of your picture. 

Professionals use Presets to be able to make all their collections blend together while still making every picture have it’s own unique aspects. Let’s take a look at our Influencer Preset. This preset is made to bring out deep greens and urban textures while still highlighting the fashion aesthetics of each picture. You can see how each picture follows the 60-30-10 rule. By following the 60-30-10 rule and using the preset we are able to get consistent high quality results. While keeping each picture balanced and not showing the over edited look.

To get the Influencer look start with the Influencer Preset from Hashtag Presets, a high fashion and stylish look while still promoting urban looks. Another pretty preset is the Golden Hour Preset, brings out a strong and saturated look with an extra punch.


Once you are ready to start editing all your photos to their fullest potential, we recommend you look at getting more presets. The Bloom Preset is amazing at bringing out the colors in bright photos. This is one of our best sellers because of its ability to showcase true color tones. 

The Fitness Preset is another popular one because it helps bring out the intense colors of a gym while still keeping all the colors aligned with one another. The Fitness preset focuses on skin tones and strong colors to create a crisp workout picture.

If you are someone that takes a bunch of different pictures then getting a preset bundle is the best choice for you. Our Master Preset Collection comes with all our current presets and allows you to edit any picture in your portfolio. 

Being able to edit your pictures to make every image stunning in it’s own way is a mix of taking a high quality photo and matching it up with it’s right preset. Using Presets form Hashtag Presets allows you to focus on the creativity aspect, while knowing the editing process could not be easier.