How To Edit Instagram Photos Like Professional Influencers

Do you ever wonder why the pictures that you see of your favorite influencers on social media platforms like Instagram look so much better than your own pictures? Well, you are not alone in wondering how they do it. They use professional editing tools like Adobe Lightroom to add that extra bit of spark and pop to their images.

In this article, we are going to give you the inside scoop on how you can make your pictures look just as beautiful as the pictures that your favorite influencers post. Keep on reading to learn more.

Editing in Instagram

Instagram edits can make a world of difference to your pictures. All you need are some professional presets that will accentuate the beauty of your picture. There are a lot of editing features that are built into the Instagram editing section. They can certainly help you improve the quality of your picture but if you are looking to elevate your Instagram game then you need to get your hands on what the pros use. Here is an example of what professional presets can do for your pictures:

instagram edits

These are edits that you can not make to your pictures using the in-built editing tools on the Instagram app. Here is another example to give you a better idea of what is possible when you have the right presets:

Lightroom Preset Edits 

As you can see the colors in the edited version are much more attractive and the picture is looking so much prettier than its unedited version. If you are looking to gain more followers then you need to put some effort into making sure that your images look perfect. You can discover some amazing presets here.

Why should you edit in Lightroom vs. Instagram?

While Instagram offers you some great in-app editing options ultimately, they fall a little short in giving your pictures that premium and professional feel. When you transition to Lightroom for your editing needs you are going to discover a whole new world of possibilities that you never knew about. Lightroom is essential for anyone that is looking to step up their Instagram game. When you have professional-looking and eye-catching pictures to post, you are automatically going to gain new followers.

Here is a collection of some Lightroom presets that you can use to improve the quality of your pictures.

Lightroom Presets

Using Lightroom Presets for Instagram

If you are thinking to yourself that you don’t have the technical expertise to use Lightroom don’t worry. Editing in Lightroom is not that difficult, it is even easier when you have a set of great Lightroom presets to use. Here are some great presets that you can use for editing your images:

The 19 Best-Selling Professional Presets Packs (57 Presets)

This bundle will give you 57 different presets that you can use with Lightroom to edit your pictures just like professionals do.

Golden Hour Lightroom Presets (4 Presets) 

This is a great set of Lightroom presets for your outdoor daytime pictures

Makeup Lightroom Presets (5 Presets) 

This is a great collection for your portraits.

You can find plenty more by visiting Hashtag Presets.

If you are looking to take your IG game to the next level, then there is no better place to find amazing presets for your pictures.