How to Edit Black and White Pictures with Lightroom Presets

Sometimes the best photos are ones that are void of color. Black and white photography is one of the best ways to showcase compelling photos. By removing the colors on a photo, you can remove the distraction that is colors and put all the focus on your subject.

Black and white photography is not just the removal of colors from a photo. It involves careful planning of what to shoot and what emotions you want to convey. It is the art of using different tones of gray, from the lightest whites to the deepest blacks.

How to Edit Black and White Photos

Black and White Presets Lightroom

Once you have your photo, it’s time for the crucial part -- editing. There are several elements for the perfect black and white photo, but we’ll just focus on the essentials.

Contrast - You’ll want to use a high contrast for those intense shots. You can use a low contrast for those soft, dramatic shots.
Tone - Tone and contrast are almost always used interchangeably as they can dictate the mood of your shots. The darker the tone, the more gloomy and mysterious a photo is. The lighter the tone, the more ethereal and dainty the mood is.
Shadow - With black and white photos, shadows play a pivotal part. Since you have stripped away the colors from the photo, one way you can capture the interest of the audience is by playing with the shadows.
Texture - Tied closely to shadows is texture as it has a crucial impact on how your photo feels. It adds character and depth to your photos as it provides variance and detail to your photos.

These may be a lot to process for first time and professional photographers alike. Editing photos with these elements in mind can also be time consuming and may require a degree of effort and technical knowledge. The good thing is that there are plenty of ways you can take black and white photos. You can buy a black and white camera and risk spending hundreds or thousands of dollars for it. You can also use the black and white filters on your phone and produce dull photos. Or you can use Lightroom Presets like our Hashtag Presets.

Black and white cameras may be hard to come by in modern times but that does not mean you can’t use the same timeless aesthetic. Gone are the days of dull and lifeless black and white phone filters. Easily transform your regular photos to elegant classics that will stand the test of time with presets from

The easiest and cheapest way to achieve that black and white aesthetic is to simply download Lightroom Presets from The Noire Lightroom Preset provides the much needed texture and contrast to your photos that are hard to achieve with regular filters. It provides emphasis to your shadows while keeping your subject the center of attention. Effortlessly transform your photos to black and white masterpieces in just a few minutes.

Black and White Presets

The best part is that you don’t have to be an expert on photography or Lightroom to use our presets. Just download the FREE Lightroom app on your mobile device and you can start revamping your photos to timeless classics. No need for any fancy equipment or camera. You’ll be saving tons of money as well. If you take a lot of different photos, you can save even more by purchasing our Master Preset Collection. It contains all our 113+ presets that are compatible with iOS, Android & Desktop (Windows & Mac) for a fraction of the price.

Transform your modern photos to compelling black and white masterpieces in seconds with Hashtag Presets.

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